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Our Services

Property Management

Property owners who have invested in real estate desire to obtain adequate returns on their investments. Under our estate management portfolio, we act on behalf of the investor landlord or developer. We collect rent, make disbursements, and account for the rent proceeds.

We manage;

  1. Commercial buildings
  2. Residential houses, villas, blocks of apartments, estates etc.
  3. Industrial buildings
  4. Ongoing projects and Project managers

What is property management?
Property Management is at best STEWARDSHIP which assumes responsibilities akin to those of
trustees.  A manger underwrites the care of the principal’s assets in order to enhance, retain and
build profitability during the life of the asset.
Benefits of property management to society?
Benefits of effective management reach beyond the immediate investors of landlord and tenant.
The investors hold the assets on behalf of the greater society and property management benefits

  • Safeguards the society’s real assets
  • Promotes relationships among all interests
  • Ameliorates stakeholder conflicts
  • Improves peoples’ quality of life
  • Carries the responsibility of “a social trustee.”

This level of management is critical to the well-being of society and therefore requires societal
interest, investment and promotion

Property Valuations

We take instructions for variety of purposes from our diverse customers. We execute instructions, through measurement, interpolation, analysis and application to deliver requisite solutions. Such valuation solutions are sought after by:-

  1. Individual clients
  2. Lenders (Banks, Saccos, Micro-Finance, Insurance etc.)
  3. Listed companies
  4. Pension funds
  5. Churches and Para-Church Organisations
  6. Educational institutions
  7. Developers putting up houses
  8. Stage inspections for ongoing projects

Balance sheet valuations

Valuation Services

  • A tool for economic assessment and analysis.
  • It answers customer’s life time questions in real estate.
  • A tool for information, inspiration & instruction.

What then is a  Valuation?
An outcome of investigations, through measuring, analyzing and reporting by a competent person
on the economic worth of an asset for specific purposes, at a particular time and  considering the
uniqueness of the asset, market conditions and the range of alternatives available.

Benefits of Valuation

  • Provides a framework for decision making;
  • Guides the use, development and management of land resources.
  • Enhances economical and sustainable utilization of assets
  • Gives value-addition in asset management & performance.

Letting and Selling

We provide am open platform where landlord properties find takers in tenants, through exposure and marketing. We are regularly involved in marketing commercial, residential, industrial and agricultural properties for diverse clients. The marketing platform is very dynamic and requires stability, positioning and trust.

Other Service Products

Due to emerging demands and needs, we are preparing to engage in critical areas of mortgage agency, project management to service specifically the diaspora clients

  1. Project appraisals
  2. Sales and Marketing of both residential and commercial properties
  3. Mortgage Sourcing
  4. Schemes development
  5. Undertaking feasibility studies